Other Writings

The vast majority of the writings which appear on the site are about cricket, but I occasionally stray into other areas and constantly aspire to do so more often.  Writing in the last days of March 2020,  potentially facing the prospect of months at home with no live sport to watch, it may be that I finally manage to diversify a bit more.  We’ll see.  If nothing else, the ‘lockdown’ itself and the global pandemic which has led to it, will need to be written about at some stage, just as a means of trying to make sense of it all.

As it is, the pieces here comprise some memories of time spent ‘behind the Iron Curtain’ in the late 1980s, and of an unexpected trip back to my old university in 2010, together with a couple of others from the Different Shades of Green back catalogue.  The piece about the 2012 London Olympics, Something Extraordinary, is one I always enjoy re-reading, as, in a very limited way, it captures the feeling of being in London at a time which felt unique and which was the most memorable week of my life.